Annette Hayn's Last Book

Annette Hayn was born in Breslau, Germany and lived in Berlin as a child. Her schoolmates played "Nazis and Jews" and she heard her parents worry about Hitler. She attended plays and concerts at the Jewish Kulturbund, where she heard Beethoven and watched Schiller's plays. The Jewish arts organization was finally prohibited from performing works by Aryans, and their orchestra conductor, William Steinberg, fled the country. Annette's parents sent her to an English boarding school, and thus, she escaped the Holocaust. (William Steinberg went on to become conductor at Pittsburgh and Boston). She married and had children, and while her husband played chamber music, she thought she had no art. Then she found poetry. I had the honor to publish most of her books, and this, her last collection, includes her selection of the best of the early books. After her death we folded in her posthumous poems into the 2001 collection, "Chamber Music." It's one of my most unusual book designs, which you can see in the ebook in full color. And you can own it for $3.

Chamber Music Ebook 


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