My Book of Revelations

as out of the burning bush
the meteor's heart
the hieroglyph
the tablet
spoke god

it said
I am the sum
of all that is

I     have never
written a book
dictated a law
taken a wife
       sired son or angel.
I do not answer
plea or prayer.

love whom you may.
eat what you must.
the planet is yours,
     stars too
if you can reach them

but neither out
nor inward seek me.
I am not at the Pole Star
turning orbs mechanical.
I have no wish
to visit your dreams

I am and will be a mystery,
the riddle between zero and unity.
How could death bring you to me
when you cannot discern me now?

Go, now, and tell your brethren
that god's wish
is to be left alone.
I have spoken
and will not speak


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