The Periodic Table: Hydrogen

You are the First One.
Once, your unity
was the Only Thing.
A hot blast of protons,
sperm stuff of the cosmos,
jostling your jillion
identical twins, up, down,
in a vibrant scream
of creative urges,
partnering in ions,
H dating H
(no law against it),

H2 self-bonding,
converging in gas clouds,
gobbling stray neutrons,
dreaming of empire
yet eluding all,
stuff of the Ether,
the Bifrost stream
between galaxies,

ball lightning
and balloon flight,
ever at the edge
of an explosion
if oxygen is near,

holding your
secret of secrets dear:
the self-annihilating
self-fusion, the flame
at the heart of stars.

Without you, nothing;
with you, more questions
than ever answers,
light as a whisper,


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