Request for a License to Kill:

So many people are so full of rage, and feel so entitled to it. Here's a merry little rant:

Owners of car alarm that will not stop.
Yappy little dogs, on sight.
Dowagers drenched in rose water
who make me sneeze uncontrollably.
Ash-spewing pretzel vendors.
Young men who smoke cigars in public.
Anyone playing hip hop
bass a-thump in a passing car.
The beggar who told me
“You have stolen wealth
in your pockets!”
(me with fifty cents!)
Anyone with a law degree.
Anyone walking a pit bull
(unless it is biting a lawyer).
The unseen passengers of stretch limos
doing who knows what behind tint-glass.
Mimes and clowns, monkeys and poodles.
Anyone with alarming tattoos.
Anything loud in a baby carriage.
Oh, and add to my list
anyone who asks for a license to kill.


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